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PTR: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Game Freedom PTR?

It is a set of public test realms that work on our Game Freedom Emulator. Each World of Warcraft expansion has its own emulator which is developed by Game Freedom.

Are these emulators/cores used on all Game Freedom servers?

Yes, however on our PTR, we host GF Emulators without any changes made by our partners, such as Synergie, or Deus. All Game Freedom features are here, but server-specific features such as “classless” are not. If you wish to assist your server with testing their own features, please contact their respective development teams.

How can I access Game Freedom developers?

Our developers are available through GameFreedom#7817 Discord account. This is the only account that makes it possible to talk straight to the development team and no developer of Game Freedom is public.

Where should I report bugs?

All bugs should be reported to the issue tracker of the respective expansion.

Is Game Freedom PTR account a Game Freedom account? Can I log into the game on your servers?

No. PTR accounts are only for the purpose of testing our emulators.

How many accounts can I create?

You can create up to two PTR accounts. In some cases where you need an access to more of them, please contact Game Freedom on Discord.

What information are you gathering?

Except all the bugs that you report? Nothing! We don't require you to use e-mails and we do not use any of your information for advertising purposes. Testing and bug reporting is all we care about, as we want to keep the quality of our emulators as high as humanly possible.